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Training Delivery Options

Delivered in classrooms, private facilities, or via the Internet ITTS provides quality training for small to large businesses, Fortune 500, educational institutions, and all levels of government-city, state, and federal. We provide training services to fit all types of learning styles and budgets.

  • Traditional, instructor-led classroom training
  • Virtual “Live” online classroom training
  • Web –based training, self-paced e-Learning
  • Private and dedicated training – onsite or client site

Traditional Instructor-led Classroom Training

Our instructor-led training (ILT) is interactive and engaging. Students apply learned skills through hands-on instruction and labs. Our classroom training provides for real-world insight and knowledge of industry expert instructors with extensive experience in the information technology (IT) field and as recognized and certified IT professionals. The types training courses that we offer include instructor-led training for technical topics, desktop applications and professional development workshops. Our extensive catalog of courses has something for everyone, from users of business applications to IT professionals. ITTS also develops courses and customizes training to your specific software applications.

Students receive hands-on learning experience with live lab exercises taught by experienced instructors. In fact, ITTS’ instructors have a combination of 75+ years of computer technology-related industry experience. ITTS recognizes that its most valuable resource is its training staff. Therefore, the instructors are carefully screened to ensure that they are certified, skilled professionals, thereby making classes at ITTS educational and beneficial.

Virtual “Live” Classroom

Our virtual training is ”live” instructor-led training over the Internet. It creates an environment where learning is fun and convenient. You can save time and money by combining the convenience of training at home or the office with interactive instruction. Our virtual classroom training has proven to be a valuable learning resource for corporate-wide technology and professional skills training initiatives; it allows less travel, increased productivity and efficiency, while reducing cost!

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Interactive hands-on training and labs
  • Quick and convenient training accessible anywhere
  • User-friendly web conferencing and remote desktop technology
  • Reach remote offices and staff at one time
  • Deliver re-enforcement training workshops – use it before you lose it!
  • Train your entire organization at once, from the convenience of their desks or conference room
  • Reduce training costs and realize ROI over the cost of conducting onsite trainings
  • Great solution for national software training initiative and implementations

Click here to request a demo or learn more about the ITTS’ Virtual Classroom.

Web-based, Self-Paced (e-learning)

Our traditional training methods combined with our e-learning modules will create an environment where Learning becomes Fun.” This process ultimately becomes the first step in a series of processes that leads to increased production and employee proficiency. As budgets decline, training and retention of current employees takes precedence.

ITTS e-learning solution is:

  • Video based instructor led training that emulates the classroom experience
  • Available Online or on a LAN solution allows training of your staff anywhere
  • Training for skill set and certification on desktop applications and the latest IT technical titles
  • Built in Learning Management System (LMS) to track and record student progress, assign new modules and run reports on your training initiative
  • Lower training cost than classroom and out of town training seminars
  • Ability to develop custom training applications in a video based instructor-led format using
  • 24/7 access

Click here to request a demo or learn more about the ITTS e-learning solution. 

Onsite Training

Partner with ITTS as an onsite training provider. Our onsite training offers the most cost-effective approach to training initiatives. ITTS brings the classroom to your location and provides standard or custom course content. On-site (client-site) delivery is ideal for training a group of employees or launching a company-wide learning initiative. The delivery is a focused learning curriculum that is developed specially based upon the client’s specific needs.

Private or Dedicated Training

ITTS Corporate Training Services provides customized course content and on-site training delivery to train your employees in the latest technology.

Dedicated Training

Private training is the ideal solution for training a group of employees or launching a company-wide effort. Customized or “off-the-shelf” courses are designed to fit the goals important to your team, department or organization, which will produce immediate and measurable results.

Benefits of an Onsite Solution:

  •     Increase your Skilled Workforce at Reduced Training Costs
  •     Expert, Real-World Instruction
  •     Custom Content
  •     Provides a Consistent Learning Experience
  •     Significant Cost Savings
  •     Minimize Downtime
  •     Enhance Production and Performance Levels
  •     Develop Key Business Competencies
  •     Achieve a Positive Impact Towards the Bottom Line

IT Training & Solutions (ITTS) turns knowledge into productivity, contact a representative today for more information on our course offerings and custom solutions. To request more information about our training services, click here to use our contact form.


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